Anti-Ragging Cell

An Anti-Ragging Cell for the welfare of college students in Rajiv Gandhi Govt. College, Saha (Ambala) has come into existence since the establishment of the college in 2006 under the chairmanship of the then worthy principal of the college. The objective of this Cell is to provide a fear-free, stress-free safe environment to the students. The Cell is advised by a  Standing Committee on various policy matters pertaining to academic and non-academic matters under the chairmanship of worthy principal of the college.

Objectives of the Cell

  1. To provide a fear-free, stress-free, safe environment to the fresher students in the college campus.
  2. To aware the students about the Government’s Anti-Ragging Policy.
  3. To educate the students about ragging activities.
  4. To warn the students against involvement in ragging.
  5. To monitor and keep check on ragging activities.
  6. To look into the complaints against ragging.

Members Details

  1. Dr. Darshan Lal  (Convenor)
  2. Mr. Sunil (English)
  3. Mr. Mandeep Singh
  4. Ms. Chanchal
  5. Dr. Sunita Mehra
  6. Mr. Sunil (Geography)
  7. Mr. Virender
  8. Mr. Jaswinder Singh
  9. Dr. Sanjay (History)
  10. Dr. Sanjeev Goel

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