Attainment of programme outcomes and course outcomes offered by the institution


The Institution follows the guidelines of the affiliating university i.e. Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra for evaluation of the programmes. On successful completion of a program under faculty Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Science, and Life Science students will be able to develop:

PO1: Soft skills and working skills: To comprehend, communicate and execute effectively and efficiently in all of their dealings

PO2: Leadership: To develop abilities to both lead and respect the views positions and beliefs of others and to plan and manage effectively.

 PO3: Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship: To explore issues and problem that needs solutions with entrepreneurial orientation

PO4: Ethics and Values: To recognize, appreciate and follow ethical standards in all walks of life PO5: Adaptability and Sociability: Ready to understand and adapt the changing environment PO6: Research and Analytical abilities: To explore, analyses and provide solutions on emerging issues concerning various fields including public policy.

PO7: Practical exposure and Employability: Exposure to actual working environment leading to employability

PO8: Environmental Consciousness: In every action, dealing, service, and manifestation

Course Outcomes (COs): Course outcomes are the statements that describe what the students are expected to know and be able to do after the successful completion of the course.

Course outcomes of the students are evaluated internally via internal assessment, Class Tests, at college level. The marks in internal assessment are given on the basis of their performance in assignments, tests, Presentation and their attendance.

Mapping is a process of representing the correlation between COs and POs, in the scale of 1 to 3 as follow:

 1 If the students have low correlation with the contents of course.

2 If the students have medium correlation with the course.

3 If the contents students have strong correlation with the content taught.

Mapping is done on the basis of   their performance in assignments, class tests and Presentation in the classroom. By way of internal tests and assessment and semester end examinations, strength and weaknesses of students are revealed, thereby providing an opportunity to teachers and students to work on the same.

The learning outcome of the students is evaluated via paper presentation, power-point presentation, class tests, group discussions, quiz, projects and practicals. The participation of the students in teaching-learning process is ensured by motivating them to take part in co-curricular activities like quiz, declamation, debate, poetic recitation, essay writing competition, science exhibition which are organized regularly. Tutorial classes are also conducted in which students can clear their doubts regarding subject matter or examinations and other information.. Through these activities several qualities like discipline, service to the community and awareness are inculcated and help students to achieve POs and Cos. Presently Studying students get a lesson from their feedback. Teachers are encouraged to attend workshops, seminars and faculty development programmes to update their knowledge and skills.

However our students are examined by the affiliating university for their programme outcomes and course outcomes after semester end examinations. The result of the university examination is prepared by the university on the basis of internal assessment and practical marks sent by the college and marks obtained in the university level theory examination.