Chemistry Lab
Our college is strongly committed to providing the best knowledge to chemistry students. Chemistry lab is provided to them with latest equipment & well infrastructure. The lab Attendant is also well experienced to solve problems.The laboratory is well equipped with Smart board.
Physics Lab
The Lab is equipped with various models and different types of apparatus testing materials. Our Physics Laboratories have all the equipment in sufficient quantity so that each student can perform her practicals individually. The laboratory is well equipped with Smart board.
Zoology Lab and Botany lab
The college have newly established Zoology and Botany Labs to help the students to increase their knowledge and skills so that they can practically learn the subject and its concepts.
Geography Lab
The Department of Geography has two well-established Labs. The Laboratories are well equipped with smart board, projectors interactive screens. These labs provide a ready platform to show the dynamicity of the earth on the screen. It provides a world view to the students in the classroom environment. Maps of different regions can be easily shared through the interactive screens. Internet facility provides an opportunity to share videos with students which help them to grasp the fundamental concepts of practical Geography.
Psychology Lab
A psychology lab is also provided to the students so that they can carry out various psychological tests and learn about human nature.
English Lab
An English language lab is also available for the students.
Computer Lab
The college has a computer lab with the latest technologies.  The lab is well furnished with good infrastructure & modern facilities.

Other Facilities

Library of our college has a diverse and comprehensive collection of books ,journals and other educational materials relevant to the courses offered by the college. Library has 9840 books in total . Library is easily accessible to all the students and  the staff because of its location in the ground floor. It provides a conducting environment for studying with comfortable seating and ample lighting. Library is run by means of software for library that is SOUL (software for university libraries). This process provides free access to a collection of more than 9000 box which are fully automated.Library is fully equipped with air conditioner,CCTV cameras and printing machine.

2)Sports Room/Gym

We have a well equipped gym with a variety of machines and free weights to cater  to different types of workouts.Sufficient floor space is also available to the students.Qualified staff provides guidance , assistance and ensure safety also.

3)Multi Purpose Hall

4)Play ground