6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System

6.5.1---  Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been in crucial role in envisaging the quality into performance and carve out strategies and implement the plans for effective administration and academics. It goes to the contribution of IQA Cell of the college that quality assurance strategies are so implemented that better results are achieved. Besides, chalking out strategies and Institutional Development Programmes (IDPs) IQA Cell necessitates it for the faculties to perform with modern aids, the chisel their teaching skills through certain workshops and FDPs.1 Academic Performance Indicator of each teacher goes into process through keep observation and guidance of the IQAC of the college. IQA Cell strictly adherers to the stipulated guidelines of University Grant Commission (UGC) and DGHE, Haryana. This cell periodically makes it sure2 to assess the teaching performance, administrative and other aptitudes/works and research acumen of the teachers of each department.3

Financial benefits, scales and promotion of the teacher have to be processed necessarily through IQAC of the college. In the process of institutionalizing the quality and assessing the academic and other performance the IQAC strictly follow the stipulated UGC guidelines that comprises three broad categories viz.

Category I: Teaching Learning and Evaluation Related Activities 4

Category II: Co-curricular, Extension and Professional Development Related Activities 4A

Category III: Research and Academic Contributions 4B

In accordance to the above criteria first the self-assessment report is submitted by each teacher related to their performance and activities as per three categories; then IQAC scrutinizes and verify the assessment scores.5 Teaching learning process, academic structural anatomy, methods of teaching and other related works--- all have to be into process through the assessment and supervision of IQA Cell. IQAC meetings are regularly held for chalking out plans, strategies, for verification of the APIs, for envisage the ideas and implementation of the same. Composition of IQA Cell consists of the members as per stipulated guidelines of UGC6

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